Essential to Conveyor Reliability

Conveyor Pulley Lagging and Fabrication

Cold Glued Pulley Lagging

Coating conveyor pulleys with lagging offers many benefits for the reliable running of the conveyor belt. It acts as a replaceable wear surface to prolong the life of the conveyor pulley whilst improving belt traction. This means the conveyor belt requires less tension prolonging the life of the belt and splice. Our lagging is fitted in sheet form so there is only one join. There is many thicknesses and profiles options available including FDA approved rubber products and adhesives.

Seamless Hot Vulcanised Pulley Lagging

Pulley lagging can be fitted by hot vulcanising with the use of an autoclave. Raw rubber is applied to a prepared drumshell and bonded on using heat and pressure. This provides a join free coating which can then be machined to precise measurements or have tracking grooves inserted.

Conveyor Pulley Design and Machining

Southquip can design and manufacture conveyor pulleys based on your belt tension and belt width requirements. It is critical for reliable usage that the correct shaft and pulley diameters are specified to avoid premature bearing failure or shaft deflection and stress.