For your Specific Application

Conveyor Belt Fabrication

Guide Profiles

Guide Profiles can be applied to the underside of the conveyor belt to achieve reliable straight running of the belt and eliminate tracking issues. Guide profiles also know as tracking strips are available in PVC and urethane material in a wide range of sizes. We can recommend the most suitable option based on your conveyor pulley diameters and requirements


For conveyors in incline applications or shifting granular product it is recommended to fit a lateral cleat profile to the conveying surface to get positive traction on the product. Cleats can be fitted in many different arrangements depending your your requirements. We can offer vertical or angled Tee cleats in varying heights.


When the conveyed products is loose material it is helpful to use a side wall profile on each edge of the conveyor belt to contain the product on the belt and avoid spillage. Sidewall profiles are available on belts fitted using either the high frequency welding process or can be glued to the belt surface.

Custom Perforations

Some conveying applications require the conveyor belt to be perforated for draining water or vacuum suction. We can customise belts for these applications by water cutting or punching perforations to your requirements.