Food Belt Conveyors

Food belt conveyors are and economic, highly reliable and low maintenance conveying solution for the food industry

Basic Information

Southquip have successfully developed a number of unique designs of hygienic and safe food belt conveyors for a wide range of applications. They can be custom manufactured, with many belt options available to suit your requirements. We can provide you a Strenex Belt solution to ensure the most suited belt type is used for reducing bacteria build up, resisting chemicals and thus providing effective and economic belt life.

Suitable Applications

Meat Industry

  • Product Conveyors
  • Boning Lines
  • Waste Belts
  • Incline Conveyors

Seafood Industry

  • Fish Processing

Poultry Industry

  • Chicken Processing

Baking Industry

  • Dough Processing
  • Crumb Processing
  • Pastry Lines